The Shipping and Transport College (STC) is a renowned secondary vocational education (VET) institute in The Netherlands. We provide educational programmes for students age 16 to 23 for a specific number of branches, linked to the shipping and transport sector. Since we strongly believe that these sectors are not affected by borders, we go to great lengths to facilitate internships abroad for our students.

VET and the role of internship
Important aspect of Dutch vocational education and training are the practical approach and the strong relation between education and the labour market. Periods of internship in a company are an integrated part of the curricula. During these internships students carry out all competences related to their future job in order to prepare themselves for their future profession. These internships offer the students an opportunity to experience the real working life and gives them the chance to bring their theoretical knowledge into practice.

The Shipping and Transport College offers vocational educational programmes for a number of sectors:

  • Aviation (aviation operations officer, air freight specialist)
  • Ports (manager port logistics, manager port operations)
  • Rhine and inland shipping (captain, skipper)
  • Road transport (manager transport and logistics)
  • Ship and yacht building (ship and yacht builder)

Approximately 6.000 students turn to the STC for a practical, high quality secondary vocational program. The STC (member of the STC-Group) has several school locations in Mainport Rotterdam, Stellendam, Brielle, Zwolle and Katwijk.

Internship STC-students
We stimulate our students to employ an internship within Europe in their third study year and outside Europe in their fourth study year. The goal of the internship is to enable students to fully experience all aspects of the shipping, port and transport industry.

What are we looking for?
In order to offer our students a unique experience abroad, we are looking for companies within the ports, transport, aviation, ship building and inland sector who are willing to provide our students an internship. The duration of the internship is between 10 and 30 weeks. Because the students must qualify for the internship abroad, we can guarantee you will have the best performing students in your company.

For every company offering internships to Dutch students, a set of criteria has been identified:

  • a qualified practical supervisor must be appointed for supervising on a daily basis;
  • a suitable workplace is made available to the student;
  • the student will be enabled to carry out several assignments during the internship.

As an internship company you will have to invest in coaching the trainee. This investment refers especially to the persons directly involved. These are for instance the manager, human resource officer and the supervisor. It is important to understand that a young abroad does need extra support and guidance and support. Coaching is therefore a highly important and grateful task.

Once your company is accredited by the Dutch Centre of Expertise on Vocational Education, it will be included in the Dutch internship register. Together with us, you will then select the right student, determine the content and duration of the internship. All stipulations will be laid down in a written agreement. In this way, foundations are laid for an internship that offers advantages for both parties.

Good to know

  • there is no obligation on your side for an allowance, although this is highly appreciated by our students;
  • housing is the responsibility for the students but local help is welcome;
  • there is a support system at our school. Every student will have the support and guidance of a mentor;
  • the STC has a Collective and Liability Insurance for its students.

Are you willing to contribute to the education of future professional employees? Please let us know:

We developed a Flyer International Internship containing the most import information on this subject.